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If you want your house to look big and spacious then here are few tips you need to keep in mind:

Choose the right colour
Many people are not aware of this but the colour of house has a big role to play in it. For example if you paint your house in dark colours then it is going to look small whereas if you choose a colour such as white or beige then it will look spacious. So always go for light shades and if you want you could paint one wall in a colour of your choice. However, dark colours often attract mosquitoes so choose it wisely. You could also choose lighter paint shades but keep your furniture in dark deep colours, if that is your preference.

Choose the right furniture
This is why people mostly go for custom made furniture instead of the readymade ones. This is because they can design it according to space of their house. Make sure you take the right measurements because if your future is too big, then you will not be able to walk freely. Also go for the right containers for example if you have a lot of makeup or a lot of books then look for something which can store a lot of things but doesn’t take much space. There are many options online for example look for different places such as storage melbourne northern suburbs or any other place you know. Again choose a colour like white for your room to look big. Also look for some deals such as multi functional pieces, for example there are many sofas which can be turn into beds or there are chairs which have storage space below them.

Try few hacks
There are couple of hacks which can make your house look spacious. For example including mirrors in your space will make it look big due to the reflection. Also some of the multifunctional furniture can be expensive so look for cheapest storage prices Melbourne items, for example instead of buying book racks invest on wall stands. These are very cheap and can store a lot of books and can also be used to keep your perfumes and makeup. Also you should go for fabrics and rugs which are either plain colours or with small prints. This is because according to the research unified colours visually expand a small room.Also don’t fill every empty space or empty shelf of your house. Keep empty spaces to give your house or room an airy look and lastly you could buy some of the furniture which is the same colour of your walls. This way it will blend together and make your house look big.

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