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Imagine having second thoughts after moving into a new house, especially after all what you’ve been through, you start to relax after all the hectic process of packing, moving and unpacking, start to feel like it was all worth it and then something bad happens in your neighborhood. The apartment might be great but you should also consider other factors so that you know what you are getting yourself into.

Possible things you might miss out on
Rule number 1: Inspect the house thoroughly! I cannot stress on this enough, check the electricity, the foundation and especially parts of the house the owner wouldn’t allow you to see. This is an obvious thing to do, yet many people are easily diverted from this, remember, if they don’t want you to see something then they definitely have something fishy over there. Next thing to look out for is songs being played in the background. This may seem welcoming and nice to listen to but this is a trick used by homeowners to hide the loud noise that would otherwise be present, so the next time you go home inspecting, insist on turning off any form of sounds in the room.

You never really know what’s it like to live in a place till you start living there so if you have the time to spare, it won’t be a bad idea to try camping outside the house at night or at least try visiting the area at night. You can then have an idea of what the neighborhood is like, you certainly don’t want to find out about a bad neighborhood after signing the papers.

Another thing to look for is to get an idea of how long the owner had ownership of the property, in general, it’s not a good idea to buy if it’s less than 3 years. Maybe he is moving out soon after realizing that buying this place was a mistake, you don’t want to go through the trouble of packing things with the help of friends or furniture removalists South Morang and end up feeling like you made a major mistake.And finally, ask questions regarding the house, if you are living for rent then you might have to find out if you are allowed to have roommates or able to sublet the place as the rules differ according to the landlord.

If you are from a different state then ask the owner for suggestions on highly specialised freight that can help you move into your new place.

Always do your research on the above-listed points before signing the papers. Good luck!

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